Gen 5 Glock Ownership and Recreation

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Generally, people who own quality Glock handguns are enthusiastic about the gun and the leisure opportunity it represents. The purchase of a new handgun doesn’t necessarily mean that the gun-owner has a more powerful weapon in hand. Contrary to popular opinion, that’s not why people buy handguns. While the purchase of a new Glock might give the gun owner a better weapon, it might not pack more power. It may have only as much power as the handgun the user had previously. It may be smaller, lighter and fit their hand better. What might make this gun owner optimistic is the good time they’ll have shooting at paper targets with a new Glock.

Types of Bullets

Likewise, when gun owners regard the fascinating array of bullets they can put in their guns, the truth is, they all fit and fire well. Some bullets are designed to do more damage than other bullets, but then again, cheap target bullets will do a lot of damage when the gun-owner fires them off. If someone threatens the gun owner with bodily harm or death, a target bullet can inflict plenty of damage. The type of bullet is irrelevant to many gun enthusiasts.

The Glock as a Security Gun

Glock handguns might work well in personal security training. A Glock might be easier to learn to use than mastering a black belt in karate. Call it a shortcut when you compare the disciplines. There’s a reason handguns are so popular. Handguns can be much more effective than a knife or a club. Do you feel safe carrying around a knife or a club for self-defense?

The Glock can be used in self-defense. It can deliver a serious punch. A pellet gun, by comparison, delivers an uncertain shot. If you confront a would-be assailant with a pellet gun, you might be better off fleeing the scene. Because dangerous situations don’t always lend themselves to flight, gen5 Glock pistols might provide a powerful self-defense option.

With all the handguns you can choose from, sometimes the choice might have more practical implications than the power-trip the gun provides.

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