Keep Up Your Stylish Look While Concealed Carrying

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Many women choose to carry a firearm while going about their day. Whether for personal protection or as part of the job, concealed carry can help to make sure that women stay protected. At the same time, however, many professional women do not want to hide their guns under layers of baggy clothing. It may seem difficult to keep up with the trends while keeping your concealed carry firearm concealed. However, with a few fashion tips and tricks, you can stay protected and stylish at the same time.

Opt for a Jacket or Camisole

One great way to keep your firearm concealed and still look great is to choose a light layer to add extra concealment. By adding an extra layer like a long vest, blazer or drapey sweater, women can look stylish and fun while ensuring that their gund stay covered. In addition, these garments can drape over the area without leaving a telltale imprint. In addition, opting for a jacket or vest can create an overall “put-together” look while staying covered.

Aid Concealment With a Camisole

By including a camisole under tops, button-down shirts or blouses, women can help to avoid telltale printing and lines that indicate concealed carry of a firearm. While many people opt for camisoles for added modesty or comfort, the extra layer can also do a great deal to assist your concealed carry. Flowy fabrics might ordinarily show off an unwanted outline, but a camisole can help to leave a smooth line.

Choose Purpose-Designed Clothing

By choosing undercover clothes with convenient pockets and spaces designed to keep your firearm securely in place and concealed, you’ll easily be able to control access and keep your gun under wraps. You can find leggings, tank tops and shorts with specialized gun carrying pouches. Specially designed to fit a woman’s body, these items can allow you to opt for body-conscious choices while concealed carrying.

When you’re concealed carrying your firearm, it is possible to look professional and stay protected. By using your fashion sense and some specialized knowledge, you’ll keep your gun concealed and in easy reach while looking great.

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