How To Organize A Room For Elderly Parents

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Elderly parents or grandparents are a special category of guests in the house. For the most intimate room should think through to the smallest detail. On the one hand, it should be the most comfortable for a long stay, because relatives do not come for a couple of hours, but for days or weeks. On the other hand, it is necessary to take into account all the peculiarities of the life of people aged. We’ll talk about how to do it right.

The layout of the guest room

Often in large houses for visitors, relatives are assigned a whole block. If we are talking about an apartment, we should take care of allocating a room, within which the bedroom and the private salon will be harmoniously combined. These zones can be divided by a gap or delimited only visually.

It is desirable that the grandparents had a separate bathroom. First, it will prevent the formation of queues in the bathroom. Secondly, a special room created according to all security rules will make life easier for relatives.How To Organize A Room For Elderly Parents

It is better to refuse the bath in favor of the shower. The high sides of the baths cause difficulties in elderly people during exploitation. Ten-centimeter sides of the cabins are safer.

The main thing is that the elderly couple can feel at home and have a good time even if they do not want to go out into the common living room. Often they need the opportunity to drink tea during the day, without interfering with the rest of the family.

Elderly Parents room decoration

The main requirement for finishing materials is safety. First of all, it concerns floor coverings. For the room, carpet – soft and warm, with a long pile – is more preferable than parquet. But this solution is suitable only for isolated rooms. If the room is in sight, then use one material in all rooms. Create a cozy atmosphere in the room with a few soft and beautiful small carpets.How To Organize A Room For Elderly Parents

In the bathroom, do not use slippery tiles. It is permissible only in the shower, where you can put a rug with a ribbed surface. Use the teak tree. It is safe and better retains heat.

If there is no possibility to abandon the tile, then it is necessary to choose variants with an anti-slip coating.

There are no specific requirements for other coatings. The interior is desirable to withstand in calm tones and classic style. Such apartments can be used for any purpose. A good example is an English style: it is quite cozy and will appeal to family members of all ages.

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Furnishing features for elderly parents room

In furnishings, comfort must be combined with safety. Do not overload the room, but the Spartan environment should be avoided. It should be temporary, but housing, and it should be functionally filled.How To Organize A Room For Elderly Parents

Similar to the usual bedroom option, where a set of furniture is limited to a bed and a pair of nightstands, in this case, is not suitable. As already mentioned, in addition to the sleeping area, in such a room it is necessary to provide a zone of a mini-living room or salon, to furnish in accordance with the needs of people of this age group.

Required elements are as follows:

  • Bed. It is quite high, as it is difficult for older people to get up from low models. Orient is on the height of the chair: the option below does not fit.
  • Sofa and a pair of armchairs. They can be deep. The main thing is not to choose too low models, from which it is difficult to rise.
  • Table. Round or oval, but not the magazine, but written, corresponding to the height of other furniture. Diameter is permissible small, but it should freely accommodate all accessories: cups of tea, medicine, newspapers or books, magazines for recording medication, notebooks.

Do not forget to put on the desk a landline phone. Grandparents are used to talking on “home”, do not deprive them of this opportunity. The device should be a button, with a large font.

  • Mobile table. He must freely and effortlessly move around the room and be placed in the bathroom.
  • Side tables or stable bedside tables. It is advisable to attach them to the wall so that elderly relatives can lean on them and not overturn. For this reason, models on high and thin legs are unacceptable. It is better to give preference to low models on stable legs without a fancy decor.
  • Cupboard. It is necessary to take care of placing shelves at eye level so that things do not have to bend over. The very design, like tables, it is better to screw it to the wall.
  • Dressing table for the grandmother or mother.

But the installation of the dresser – a controversial issue. To store things for people of age, such furniture does not fit: push heavy boxes and even bend over to them too hard. But you can put a nice solid model, which will serve as a surface for arranging personal belongings.

What accessories are allowed?

Regardless of age, a person needs a mirror. Option in full growth is most preferable. The main thing is for the element to be securely fixed.How To Organize A Room For Elderly Parents

Although it is usually not recommended to set the TV in the bedrooms, the guest room for the elderly parents is an exception. The screen should be positioned so that it can be seen from both the rest area and the private salon. It will be enough to have a simple model with a large screen.

Mount the TV better to the wall on the brackets. If you put it on a chest of drawers, it can be accidentally overturned.

If possible, it is recommended to replace all elements of the environment with non-mobile elements, in particular, prefer wall lamps to the desktop. Do not use accessories with sharp corners, as well as low shelves, which you can hit your head.

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In the rest, the room can be decorated to your own taste. Correctly chosen conditions will show parents or elderly parents how you care for them in spite of the fact that you do not live together.

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