Medical Innovations Designed to Increase Patient Comfort

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One of the benefits of the continued progress of science and innovation in the medical field is the ability to make testing, treatment and routine care more tolerable for patients. Many people struggle with stress and anxiety when it comes to receiving health care. In addition, at-home or long-term treatments that interrupt normal habits can be difficult to manage for those who depend on routine to function well at home and in public. Fortunately, new practices and products are becoming the solution to these problems within the medical and dental community.

Open MRI Machines

An MRI is a relatively common test that allows physicians to obtain an intricate and precise image of the human body in order to diagnose certain illnesses or conditions. However, this test is often anxiety inducing for many patients because of the tight enclosed space and loud sounds. Open mri machines allow physicians to collect the same precise data in a less restrictive environment, allowing the patient to feel more relaxed and less claustrophobic.

Sedation Dentistry

Some people find it difficult to handle routine dental cleanings, much less more invasive dental work. Unfortunately, it’s necessary for patients to be still and relaxed for a thorough check up and cleaning. Many offices now offer different types of sedation to help patients through appointments, including oral medication, gas and IV treatments.

Air Casts and Stabilizers

A bad sprain or broken bone can be a huge setback for many people, making everyday tasks much more difficult and time consuming. In addition, traditional plaster casts can add to the nuisance of nursing an injury by making it difficult or even dangerous to keep it dry while trying to bathe or shower. Air casts and stabilizers are designed to be removed for bathing and grooming, allowing one to keep the area clean and less irritated. They also allow physicians to check the progress of healing.

Ingenuity and new ideas are allowing more people than ever to receive the help and care they need by reducing the source of anxiety.

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