Six alternative Italian dishes that you need to try

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Italian food is a firm favourite with many diners. The delicate flavours and flamboyant creations that come out of the Italian kitchen are always tempting to the palate. Many people think Italian food is all about pasta and pizza, but there are many more exciting dishes to try that do not involve either of these staple ingredients. Read on to find out about six dishes and new Italian tastes you have to try!

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Ribollita originally comes from Milan and was always classed as a poor people’s dish, created by the servants of the city. Leftovers such as bread and vegetables are used. The ingredients are boiled well and this satisfying meal is hearty, giving lots of energy. This is a famous dish of the Tuscany region.


Arancini is stuffed rice balls often coated in cooked breadcrumbs. The rice balls have a filling that is often created from tomato, mozzarella and ragu sauce. You can get arancini in different sizes and shapes, similar to pasta.


Fregola is pasta balls which have been toasted. This crunchy dish is a staple food of Sardinia and one that is a perfect main ingredient for any meal. You can add all sorts of other foods to this to create a taste sensation.

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Torrone is perfect for dessert lovers and is made from roasted nuts, honey and citrus zest. The creation is then dipped in chocolate. This is a rich and tasty dessert for any time. You can find this dessert in any specialist restaurant, whether you are looking for Torrone in an Italian Restaurant in Dublin, such as the Dublin Italian restaurant Toscana, or an Italian restaurant anywhere else.


Everyone knows tiramisu – that light, creamy and sweet dessert that melts in the mouth! With coffee flavour, cocoa and sugar this is a delight, while you can add many other ingredients to personalise the flavour, from fruit to honey. There are many tiramisu recipes online, such as this one from the BBC.

Italian coffee

Real Italian coffee is rich in flavour, strong and perfect for giving a burst of energy to your day! Although you will have tried coffee, not everyone has tried authentic Italian coffee. This is certainly one to have at the end of your meal to give a zing to your afternoon or evening.

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