10 Methods How to Find a Missing Cat

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Cats who are allowed to walk on the street by their masters often cannot return home for days. Usually, this happens in the early spring, when the period of love games in these animals begins. If it happened at another time and earlier with your pet, this did not happen, then it’s time to immediately organize a search. The less time has passed since the loss, the more chances to find a pet. How to find a cat if she ran away or lost?

Check the nearby area

The first thing to do is to check your entrance, basement, yard and even nearby garbage cans. Perhaps your cat was hungry and went to the nearest available food. During the quest, call your pet with a soft voice. Lost animals experience great stress, so it’s important not to scare them even more. How to find a runaway cat? Check out all the secluded places: in garages, at heating mains, in dense vegetation and even on hills.

Engage as many people as possible

Any animals rarely stay in one place, especially in the street. Even if you check the entire territory of your yard and neighboring houses, you can simply miss your pet, being in different parts of a small area. Therefore, it is necessary to involve more people in the search, having described in advance their pet in detail. So you will cover a large territory in a short time. You can invite children from the yard – they will gladly agree because for them it will be a game.

Interview the neighbors

Your neighbors could see Murka or even shelter her at home, taking a homeless animal. Ask if anyone has met a similar animal. Perhaps they will tell you where to find the cat.

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Fill the cat food

A frightened animal can hide even from you and not respond to your call. The stress they experience causes them to hide from all people. The smell of cat’s favorite food will allow her to go out of hiding and enjoy delicacies more willingly.

Return to the former habitat of the cat

If you recently bought a cat or kitten or changed their place of residence, the animals often try to return to the place where they lived. They need to get used to a new home, in principle, like people. Go to the previous masters or to the house where you used to live. There are high chances that your kitty will be there.

Open ads

If all of the above methods have not helped, then it’s time to move on to more decisive actions. Sometimes it is difficult to interview all neighbors and look under each bush. The ads “Help to find a cat” will come to your aid. Expand them on poles, message boards, entrances and entrance doors of apartment buildings. Do this all over the area, and if possible, in the neighboring areas. So anyone who has met your pet will be able to contact you. It is necessary to indicate in the ad as much detail as possible and necessarily with a photograph of the cat.

Use a safe trap

There are special humane traps for animals that allow you to attract and catch a cat without harming her. Such traps can be purchased in the store for animals or rented from special services. The main role in such traps is played by bait. You can use special tools for bait, catnip, cat food or just your cat’s favorite food.

Call the animal shelters

Special services catch homeless cats and dogs as people’s safety. It is possible, among the “homeless” was you and a favorite. Call all the animal shelters in the city and ask if they’ve caught an animal similar to yours.

Use the Internet

Ads can also be posted on the Internet: on social networks and on specialized sites with ads about missing. Information on the Internet is spreading at a tremendous speed, which will make it possible to involve almost the whole city in search of a cat. Offer a reward for the find. So some people can go in search of hunting.

Ask for help to professionals

There are special services that are commercially searching for missing pets. They have sets of special tools for attracting and catching animals, without hurting them. They can also quickly organize searches, involving a large number of people, which will save valuable time. This will increase the chances of finding a cat.


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