Why Choose Drupal?

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If you’re reading this article, you’re probably wondering why you should choose Drupal instead of a more common CMS like Joomla or WordPress.

The very short answer. Drupal is Open Source, modular, scalable and has a huge developer community.

Are not you convinced? Here is the long answer.

Why should choose Drupal?

Open Source

Drupal is released under the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. This means that you are free to download, use, modify and distribute any file that makes up Drupal.

Open Source nature makes Drupal an extremely secure software. Any user can find and report malfunctions, and any developer is free to correct them and improve the CMS.

With proprietary software, it often happens that you have to wait a very long time before the software development company releases the fix. Meanwhile, the user is forced to stand with his hands in his hands.

Besides being able to modify the source code to your liking, you can add the functionality that is indispensable to your company or change the behavior that does not suit your style of work. With proprietary software, this cannot be done, if not paying handsomely for the manufacturer.

The best part of all this is that there are no license fees! Acquia – the manufacturer of Drupal – earns with Drupal indirectly, providing services related to it. This means that for you Drupal has no cost!

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Drupal has the possibility to extend its functionality on request. It is, therefore, possible to start from a very simple site to get to an extremely complex with blogs, forums, e-commerce, services, etc . etc.

The ability to add features step by step should not be underestimated. Your users will be grateful if you give them the chance to learn about a new feature before implementing another.

Drupal is, therefore, a smart choice for the future, because what you do not need today is not that you will not need it tomorrow.Why choose Drupal?


The ability to add features only when necessary makes Drupal suitable for every scenario: from a small brochure site to portland providing services to its users. All this without having to give up on performances.

In fact, Drupal is able to handle thousands of users and content without any slowdown. And in case it is able to put in difficulty, you always have the possibility idea of improving n and further the performance of the modules by adding or modifying the source code. Remember that it is Open Source?

Community of developers

The huge community of volunteer developers and the support of big companies like Acquia and Lullabot make Drupal a stable product, with the security that will be supported in the future.

Moreover, thanks to the developer community it is not necessary to link to a single company. If you have had a bad experience with someone, just change the supplier without having to change the product!

Still not convinced? Here are some great companies or institutions that use Drupal: Whitehouse.gov, Wmg.com, Nbc.com, Grammy.com, Lush.co.uk and many, many others. If you want to learn more visit Drupal.com.

I hope I’ve been exhaustive. Drupal is an excellent choice for both your current and future needs. And Web Select can help you build your new site or migrate your current CMS to Drupal.

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