Women’s Raincoats: Choose Models In Accordance With Trends

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Cloaks in a trend are an indisputable fact. Leading world designers and stylists with confidence include a cloak to the five irreplaceable and mandatory things to create an elegant and versatile seasonal wardrobe. And if you still do not buy for yourself a pair of stylish models, then now is the best time for this. However, without proper preparation and special knowledge of the trends to choose the actual and high-quality cloak is not so simple. Every store of elite things provides its buyer a huge selection of models and styles, because of which the eyes literally scatter in different directions. You can not only be limited to a single model – this year a variety of style solutions can satisfy all tastes. And then we’ll talk about how to buy a women’s raincoats in accordance with current trends and not make a mistake.

Here we Suggest some women’s raincoats


Trenchcoat invariably turns out to be a favorite at every fashion show this fall. Although this style is not new, the designers managed to present it in a more fresh and interesting form, using a unique pastel color scheme in color. In this color, the trench coat looks particularly chic and exquisite. These shades transform classic cloaks into something new, interesting and original.Women’s Raincoats:Choose Models In Accordance With Trends

Such women’s coats are characterized by a double row of buttons, a decoration in the form of “shoulder straps”, a large belt with a metal buckle. But they look good only on the figure, close to the model, regardless of the growth. The same ladies who can not boast of model parameters will have to pass this trend.

Early Retro

This season at the height of fashion will be women’s raincoats in the trend of the early retro. These are new look models, raincoats of an A-shaped silhouette, and variations with short sleeves. Performed in pastel mint, pearl, and floral tones, they are able to best emphasize the femininity of the image. And the most beautiful thing is that retro raincoats do not necessarily combine solely with vintage things. You can easily put under them the usual narrow pants, a pencil skirt and even high-heeled shoes. A beautiful everyday image will help create tightened jeans and ballet flats.

There are no restrictions on the figure and growth is not here – it all depends on the style you selected, size, color, etc.

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 Disco style

One of the most unexpected trends that broke into the fashion shows of the autumn collections of 2017. This is a unique stylistic solution that enchants with its intricate color combinations and characteristic for the spirit of the 70’s design. Fashionable disco women’s raincoats reach the mid-thigh level, have extravagant collars, and sometimes hoods. Gamma shades of such raincoats, though a bit outrageous, but still successfully fits into most everyday images.Women’s Raincoats:Choose Models In Accordance With Trends

The main thing in this trend is expressive coloring, unusual material, and imitation of exotic textures. Here you will find a delicate luster, and imitation crocodile skin, and a metallic gleam. Presented in the market models in their own daring, catchy and provocative. And the overall style of the outfits created with their help can be very far from the classical “disco”.

Use stylists to use such women’s raincoats to create common urban and everyday images. In some cases, they can fit well even into a business ensemble, creating an expressive contrast. They will not bypass the retro lovers. If you are crazy about the ancient images of the 70’s, then try to complement the disco-cloak with flared jeans, a long skirt, and shoes on a high platform.


The military uniform with an enviable periodicity falls on the most fashionable podiums in the world. So this autumn women ‘s military raincoats literally conquered the hearts of millions of customers. The popularity of this style is not new, but right now it has reached its peak. Cloaks, stylized for military camouflage – it’s surprisingly feminine and extravagant clothes, emphasizing the fragility and sexuality of its owner. But it is very important not to overdo it – one camouflage cloak will be enough to create a stylish image, and all other military things will only spoil the overall picture.Women’s Raincoats:Choose Models In Accordance With Trends

As for the camouflage, it is mostly European. This is not surprising, because the tone of the world fashion, as a rule, is set by European designers. Cloaks are finished classically: rough metal buttons, massive zippers, contrasting edging. All this gives them a special charm. The landing of raincoats is most often fitted, exclusively feminine. The combination of these qualities, according to the stylists, fully reveals the theme of the sexuality of the military uniform.

If you do not know which cloak to choose, then do not pass by military-style items. At a minimum, they deserve more attention from your side.

Leather Cloaks

Literally a few years ago, no one suspected that the real leather so quickly and abruptly burst into the modern fashion industry. It is difficult to imagine why this happened, but the fact remains – leather raincoats climbed to the very top of the fashion rating. Models are not always made entirely of leather, but at least they contain voluminous leather inserts. If you do not know which cloak to choose for everyday wear, then this option will be one of the best.

The leather is a favorite design material; it is easy and pleasant to work with. It’s nice to wear it, because a leather cloak is better than any other warms in cold autumn days, protects from rain and does not get wet at all. You will definitely love the romantic and feminine models of low landing, as well as the coarser and more straightforward women’s cloaks of a strict style.

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Interestingly, the trend is now not the classic brown or black raincoats, but variations using a more active color palette. The most fashionable are all shades of gray, purple and burgundy colors, as well as any light and pastel colors.

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