How to make the floor choice that’s right for you

There are a huge number of flooring options available to homeowners today, so let’s take a look at how to ensure you choose wisely.

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Start at the beginning

Our advice is to ask yourself a number of important questions before you start the process. A good place to start is to ask yourself how much traffic your floor areas will see? Do you have a toddler, teenage children or pets? Are you retiring soon to enjoy your twilight years in peace and quiet? Is noise reduction important to you, or is a scratch-free floor – such as laminate wood flooring – at the top of your list?

The next step

Once you have established your home set-up, you can marry this up with the correct flooring. Let’s take a look at the options.

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Hard to get

Hardwood floors look fabulous; however, if you have a team of rugby players heading for the fridge, think again. Hardwood floors are not scratch-resistant and are not recommended for bath or shower rooms.

In the eye of the beholder

Laminate flooring looks just like the real thing. Not only does it come in colours not available in traditional real wood floors but also it is dent-resistant, making it an excellent choice for areas of heavy use. It may not suit a family with toddlers or small children, as it is definitely not waterproof or spills-proof, which can be off-putting for growing families. Laminate flooring is available from suppliers such as

On the up

Another option is vinyl flooring, which is growing more and more popular. Water-resistant it may be, but a word of warning: there are so many to choose from that you will need to do your research and talk to the professionals.

Cosy up

Carpet is a fabulous choice for stairs and bedrooms; interestingly, it isn’t harder to keep clean than wood floors, as hoovering removes dust from carpet whereas it simply blows it from one area to the next with wood floors.

Keep it cool

Tiles – whether ceramic, porcelain or natural stone – come in all sorts of designs and sizes and are handily scratch-resistant and water-resistant to boot. Underfloor heating systems can be incorporated for those who don’t like the cold feel of tiles underfoot.

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