5 Steps To Create A Remote Corporate University

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Why and how to create a corporate university in the company. Pros of distance learning of personnel. How to check the results of staff development.

Corporate University: 5 Tips for Avoiding Mistakes

Every third client is afraid to switch to distance learning. Fear is that the leader will lose control over the quality of knowledge, attendance, and achievement. This really happens. We tell how to prevent this.

The platform for online courses does not solve the problem of corporate university training automatically. Employees will not become disciplined and aware only because they are now notified of new training materials on the smartphone.

That’s what we advise to do in order to increase the motivation of the staff.

5 Steps To Create A Remote Corporate University

Interested manager in the development of employees

For example, the head of the sales department is not the one who writes the reports in the Excel table. For this work a student of the department of statistics of profile higher education institution is suitable.

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The task of the leader is to cultivate professionals: to communicate, analyze, motivate, train and train oneself. He develops the program, integrates it into daily work tasks, creates a motivation system, monitors communication in the team and collects feedback.

The main thing is that it maintains its own emotional and professional level. So the personal example of a leader becomes a learning tool.

5 Steps To Create A Remote Corporate University

To support at the first stages

When the training ends, the employee is forgotten. Now you know everything, further on. The person remains alone with new tasks, not everyone has enough confidence to make the first steps on their own.

In order for a newcomer to quickly join the work, the training manager, supervisor or co-mentor helps. Together they sort out the first tasks: the employee does, the mentor – controls. This is neglected, so as not to waste time, but more will be required to correct errors.

The task of the mentor is to remain patient and attentive. Listen to the fears and answer questions in detail, be in touch.

This is another plus for the company. Experienced employees benefit from the new person working without jambs. They do not waste time to correct errors and are not afraid to leave the workplace.

Those who teach the beginner, too, are developing. Mentoring is encouraged by bonuses and promotions, possibly transferred to the training department if they see that the person is a teacher by vocation. There is a motivation to become better and to pull up an intern with you. In total, the company has two developing employees.

5 Steps To Create A Remote Corporate University

Create a flexible system of motivation

Flexible – the one in which a person receives the stimulus that he wants. For someone, it will be money. Our experience suggests that people do not work in a team where management does not value employees and does not listen to their opinion. Even if the salary suits.

Money is measured by direct duties. A separate motivation is necessary for the employee to understand: if you develop within the company and do more than written in the job description, there will be a bonus. Well, if the bonus is immaterial. He makes the work emotional, increases loyalty and, what’s more, saves the PHOT.

To make it a system, tie the motivation to the “control points”. Let it be the first working day, the end of the trial period, six months of work, a year and so on.

5 Steps To Create A Remote Corporate University

Select the formats of control

The head wants to control how the employees learn – normally. The company spent time and money to create a corporate university and counts on the result. It is abnormal if control turns into supervision.

There is no task to catch an employee on the fact that he can not remember everything in five minutes. We need to help him eat an elephant in parts, where each dish will have its own fork and knife. Here’s how it works.

Suppose you decide that employees will learn three things: printed forms of standards of work in the trading room, work in 1C on video instructions, an online course on the product.

I want them to cope with the day, at the same time they performed direct duties and passed one test in three directions. It does not work out that way. For starters, set realistic deadlines and create conditions for people to be comfortable learning: free from the main job, enter an extra break. Then – mark the control points for each topic and select an exponential form of testing. Something will happen:

5 Steps To Create A Remote Corporate University

Establish an independent evaluation

Two ways to assess how the training worked: get feedback from the customer and analyze the operating indicators – turnover, revenue per square meter, conversion and average check.

Feedback is collected through surveys on the site, by phone and SMS, directly at the physical store. Or they hire a secret buyer, at the risk of spending more than getting.

According to experience, for an indicative check, you need three visits of a secret buyer per month: at the beginning, middle and end. It is possible to reduce the number of visits from three to one, but it is better to arrange a check every two months. The benefits will be the same, the costs will be halved.

Operating indicators show how well we achieve our goals. For example, the average check grows – means, training is effective. In fact, it works more complicated.

Operating indicators are influenced by marketing, logistics, pricing. One training does not guarantee the success of the enterprise. We are looking for a correlation between the performance of employees and understand that if there is no growth – each division of the company has something to improve. If indicators grow, all factors, including training, have worked.

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These steps show: it is not enough to create online courses and send employees to study. It is important how the leader manages the virtual environment, analyzes the data and interacts with people. This is how the formats of distance corporate university training are created, which in themselves are the motivation to develop.

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