‘Doctor Strange’, bravo, Marvel

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It is clear that characters Iron Man and Captain America are the two major players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that members of the first adventure of the Avengers have a special place in the hearts of many moviegoers superhero. That does not mean you can rely exclusively on them if they will not cause depletion of viewers and so, gradually, we are getting new characters.

At the time and enjoyed both the Guardians of the Galaxy as Ant-Man and the latest gamble factory of ideas is Dr. Strange, a character that Marvel falls squarely in the realm of magic and multiverse. An ambitious bet that has made ‘Doctor Strange’ in the different proposal from the company without breaking its identity and also one of the best and most entertaining films he has done so far.

Doctor Strange
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A different superhero

No wonder that a minority sector of the public may be getting tired of the adventures of the superheroes on the big screen as it is true that increasingly gives the impression that there is some pattern that can never break. Some might reduce him to do Graciet with some regularity, but it goes far beyond that and in the end it is still a way to give greater unity to the universe.

With ‘Doctor Strange’ and you notice that several of these elements are still there, but also that the film directed by Scott Derrickson is the furthest from the rest, limiting their real connection with others to a mere line of dialogue. They say that The Avengers deal with physical threats and its protagonists of the mystic, whose introduction was a priori a very complicated having to also do so in a very accessible way company.

Already in the prologue it is clear that here there are very different rules allowing Derrickson a visual freedom that then may remember in part to that shown in the architecture of dreams ‘Origin’ ( ‘Inception’), but I really think that it goes a step beyond it. In fact, ‘Doctor Strange’ is a top – notch visual spectacle also not make the mistake of abuse it , opting for other solutions not exhausted prematurely.

Benedict Cumberbatch embroiders

Already in his first minutes it becomes clear that this is a proposed 100% Marvel but also a tape with space to create your own universe calmly and lay the foundations for a future I am looking forward to meeting. Also, do not fall into the mistake of leaving Benedict Cumberbatch perform his mere great Sherlock Holmes, one of my biggest fears a variant. Here is an unfriendly genius, yes, but both are clearly displayed and accidentally refine the latter forcibly to fall better to the public.

That helps the need to make it an adventure presentation you call more attention to see how Cumberbatch is delivered to your character and assimilates great sense of fun Marvel, that requires the mood -here also quite present and very effectively, but also much more, mainly from the need to find a tone that combines lightness and credibility, a much more problematic cocktail do well what some believe.

Stretching the limits without breaking them

To do this, the script of John Spaihts, C. Robert Cargill and Derrickson himself no doubt draw on exposure whenever necessary, but it does maintain a lively pace but never fast and very thoughtful dialogues are icing for routine never make an appearance. Perhaps they could have arrested more in training the protagonist, but then it would be a very different movie and feel of introduction had eaten everything else.

On this side we have a narrative film that fits in with the universe fable raised without ever really depend on it, but also a visual tape that opens up a world of possibilities and small details are even allowed a little sinister. Derrickson is where you feel more comfortable, playing with all the items you have at your disposal a fluid form to bewitch the audience, what also helps the fascinating music ofMichael Giacchino.

It is true that without the “shackles” of Marvel could have gotten something more stimulating, but also much more likely to be irregular or even a disaster with some powerful images. There yes that his film is a kind of dead end, as their standard works very well, also allowing any of his films is simply more of the same, but also puts limits that no one can break. Although here it is still present, I must confess that bothered me very little.

‘Doctor Strange’, as ingenious as spectacular

I have no doubt that we all hoped that ‘Doctor Strange’ was impeccable in that section, one of the essential elements in every Marvel movie, and it is, but the key is that here we are not talking about super powers, but of magic. It remains to be seen whether this distinction creates problems in the future, but here serves to give a distinctive touch much appreciated that lets you draw on other weapons. The “she made him a magician” but expressed with discretion and good taste.

I have already highlighted the work of Cumberbatch, but I would not forget either the great work of casting, since it has made all the actors fit their characters, have the adequate doses of importance and have at least some Neither entity you expect miracles to leave you wanting to know more about them. The best stop out is impeccable Tilda Swinton , but is that even Mads Mikkelsen manages its moments of brilliance as much as its vitiating villain of certain common problems Marvel film.

However, what ended up conquering me and made ‘Doctor Strange’ became one of my favorite Marvel movies-his way think that has nothing to envy Captain America: Civil War much to play with weapons so different – is outstanding outcome, where it gives an incredible twist to the expectations of the viewer. A bet for the ingenuity and minimalism could not work better and is much appreciated what they can saturate the more traditional outcomes.

In short, ‘Doctor Strange’ represents a great step ahead of Marvel when expand what has made his films work so well between the public scene by introducing magic. They have known how to introduce a new character and significantly expand the universe so effectively that I can only discover me before them. Bravo, Marvel. Just do not trust that there will come a point where you really have to go further if not lag behind.

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