Conservative Style in Women’s Clothing

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These qualities are expected to be met in a woman dressed in a conservative style. Defining it, some talk about the classical style, others – about the business, mention even a smart key. This is because the degree of conservatism can be different.

One thing is true: if one says that an elegant woman is half a step behind fashion, then a woman, dressed conservatively, is behind fashion for a step. She will not have to change things every year, following the fashion. This approach is somewhat reminiscent of the basic wardrobe of a businesswoman, although the owner is not necessarily a bank employee or a top manager of a solid company.

The strictest conservative style is the official one

It satisfies the dress code not only of large financial or law firms but also of higher state institutions. The beginning of this style was laid by British gentlemen in the early twentieth century: a jacket, pants, a cylinder. If we ignore the exotics of the cylinder, we have to admit that the suit, changing in detail, has survived to the present day, corrected for the fact that ladies wear skirts. The skirt is the only thing that clearly indicates the gender of the costume: a semi-official conservatism in clothes is expressed in accentuated sexual aspiration.Conservative Style in Women's Clothing

In a strictly formal women’s costume, traditional design is similar to the design of a man’s suit, but trousers are not allowed. Fashion can only affect the length, the width of the shoulders, and the shape of the lapels. Invariably one: no noticeable decor. The color can be black, gray, dark blue or beige. Light, better white, blouse or shirt, perhaps even with a tie or a neck scarf in the tone of a suit, but of a lighter or darker shade, completes the official image. Shoes must match the clothes. Suitable black boats on the heel of 5-7 cm this style cannot go out of fashion, because it does not follow it in small things.

This bow is suitable for women working in government structures, central government institutions, directorships of large companies, financial or law firms. Expensive fabrics, well-known brands emphasize the status of the owner, but all this should not be evident, everything should merge into a general feeling of confidence, even authoritarianism, and reliability.

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The classical style is more secular, it emphasizes the natural beauty of a woman to a greater degree. The clothing styles correspond to the natural proportions of the female figure. A wide range gives a lot of space for creating more or less conservative images:

  • dresses;
  • jackets (jackets, tuxedos, spencers, blazers);
  • cardigans;
  • skirts;
  • pants;
  • coats and raincoats;
  • Shirts, blouses with collars of different cuts;
  • shoes, boots, ankle boots, boots with heels of different heights or without them.

All items must be of excellent quality and laconic, simple cut without any intrusive decor. They look immaculately elegant if the proprietress goes. There are conditions that are mandatory for clothes in a conservative style.

  • Quality, quality, and quality again. Of course, excellent.
  • Restrained colors: achromatic, beige, brown, dark blue tones.
  • The least obtrusive prints. A strip, a cage, a herringbone on tweed or a drape are permissible.
  • Simplicity, moderate functionality, rigor. No extremes, high incisions, length of mini and tight clothes. There must be a short distance between the body and the clothes.
  • No pretentiousness. Do not allow flounces, frills, ruches, bright decor, glossy fabrics or glitter, rhinestones and the like embellishment.
  • Elegant, elegant shoes (also without decor).
  • Accessories should be a little; they should emphasize the restrained elegance of the image.

For the image in the classical style, the dress-case is ideally suited: a laconic silhouette, a turndown collar or a stand, a small cutout is possible. Jackets of any length or a cardigan of neat mating are suitable for conservative onions, only they should not be oversized at all. Pants – medium or high fit, on top of the figure, straight or slightly narrowed to the bottom with arrows.Conservative Style in Women's Clothing

A pencil skirt, straight skirt, slightly narrowed to the hem with a spline, in a pleat or pleated – there is a choice, but the length should be medium, better just below the knee, in the extreme case – no lower than the middle of the calf. Blouses with long sleeves without cut-outs, shirts, turtlenecks of restrained colors, monophonic are allowed.

Shoes are best to choose from genuine leather on a moderate heel or without any heels. The optimal option – boats on the middle heel or low-heeled shoes with lacing, derby or oxford. In no case should not wear shoes on a wedge, platform, with open toes and heel.

Important! In any season in any weather is supposed to wear stockings. This requirement is mandatory for conservative style always.

Classical style: dress-case Title Dress-case of classical style with thoughtful accessories and shoes – a conservative bow for a young girl is ready

Dress case: extremely laconic cut, only accessories enliven the elegant conservative bow.

The choice of accessories requires great taste and sense of proportion. You cannot have a lot of them, so they are conspicuous. First of all, choose the right handbag. It should be a modest size, a clear shape, such a famous quilted handbag at home Chanel. In color, it can match with shoes. On this account, in modern fashion, there are other opinions, but we are talking about a conservative style.

Other accessories – a good brand watch, a neck scarf, expensive jewelry or jewelry “out of fashion”: a pendant on a beautiful chain, a string of pearls, earrings without pendants. And do not despise fingers with rings and rings with huge stones.

A rigorous version of smart cache – the softest conservatism

Maximum freedom within the framework of conservative style gives a relatively new style of smart and casual style at the intersection of business and everyday fashion. He does not set strict limits and rules, that is, allows in the most “soft” form to take into account the fashion trends. For the spring-summer season of 2018, these are some changes in the styles of classical costumes. Now the trousers were slightly more relaxed on the hips, slightly to the ends of the pants. They become shorter, they open the ankle.Conservative Style in Women's Clothing

In addition to basic, pastel colors are allowed. For summer dresses and tops, taking into account the established stable trend, small floral print and peas of restrained colors are allowed. Instead of a strict jacket, jacket, cardigan, you can put on a pullover, but it’s solid and not overweight at all. In principle, smart casual allows you to wear jeans, but in a conservative style, it would be too many liberties.

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