Fashionable Winter Manicure 2018

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The issue of hand care is especially acute in winter manicure. And this applies not only to the skin but also to the condition of the nails. Beautiful hands and gracefully decorated nails will give you confidence in your appearance, showing a taste and selectivity in style.

Fashionable Winter Manicure 2018

Is it necessary to gel-varnish?

Modern methods of coating allow you to make the design of a winter manicure the most unexpected. The final color or pattern depends on the imagination and skills of your master.

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Many people prefer to use gel-lacquer to cover their nails. The famous shellac is one of its species. A difference from other gel-varnishes can be called unless a more rich color palette and unprecedented experience of the company in the production of the product. Using this material allows you to make the nails beautiful and more durable. Especially if the woman decided not only to draw a drawing but also to build up to give her nails a more beautiful shape. But one of the trends of this season is naturalness. This means that building up is completely unnecessary. Correction of the shape of the nail plates can become the only necessary manipulation before applying the decorative gel-varnish.

Fashionable Winter Manicure 2018

Fashionable Winter Manicure Techniques

In the trend, there has always been originality. Feel free to choose the design in any of the popular winter manicure techniques:

  1. Stamping: involves the imposition of different patterns with stickers, stamps or other devices. Young girls will come up with funny versions with different pictures on each nail. More solid women can choose a modest design, featuring only a couple of miniature images.
  2. Glittering: it has in its basic materials with sparkles from the tiniest to quite large ones.
  3. Ombre: Also called “protective”. The result looks like a smooth transition from a light tint to a darker one. Sometimes several different colors are used. Very refined, low-key option.
  4. Water: the pattern is created on the water surface with the help of divorces, and only then is transferred to the nails. It is based on the eastern technique of drawing “ebru”.
  5. French: a classic, which is easy to diversify by adding elements of any other method.
  6. Volumetric: 3-D pattern is created using acrylic or gel-lacquer itself. Most often, only one fingernail on the hand is decorated.
  7. With rhinestones: small or large shiny “pebbles” can adorn the entire nail or only a part of it.
  8. Trendy Rubbing: a shiny pigment applied under a transparent finishing layer. Allows you to create the most incredible and flawless iridescent nails.

Choose a design that combines several methods at once. Rhinestones are often combined with glitter varnish due to a harmonious combination of materials. A French manicure can also be decorated with three-dimensional elements, pebbles, sequins or stamping.

Examples of fashionable manicure 2018

You can not ignore the New Year theme, especially on the eve of the holiday. If you want mischief and ease, ask the master to create on your nails a stylized drawing of a Christmas tree with toys, miniature snowflakes, a caricature of Santa Claus or Santa with deer, a snowman or even a winter forest. The top trends also got the design of “jacquard” in Norwegian style, copying patterns from popular once-sweaters with snowflakes and deer. As a rule, it is created due to a light pattern on a dark background in the technique of stamping.

Fashionable Winter Manicure 2018

The desire to create on the nails more serious design does not mean that you have to limit yourself to something boring. Laconic options using different colors, harmonizing with each other. If you choose shades that will complement your wardrobe, the daily images will be automatically completed with the nail design.

Fashionable Winter Manicure 2018

It looks a beautiful combination of golden shiny lacquer, creating a small texture, with the tips of a shade of marsala. Minimalism and a beautiful shape to emphasize the elegance of the fingers. Rich and yet restrained shades will look neat and do not attract too much attention.

Fashionable Winter Manicure 2018

Novelty among the receptions was the design of nails in different shades of varnish with a shift in color. This means that the same fingers on different hands will be painted differently, but the palette will remain the same.

Fashionable Winter Manicure 2018

French fits perfectly with glittery transparent varnish with large and small sparkles. Paradoxically, they can even be matte, as in this case: scarlet tips, a transparent base and not shiny blotches, reminiscent of stylized snowflakes.

Fashionable Winter Manicure 2018

Dare and look for an option that will suit your taste. Do not forget to clarify, if the master of the portfolio has and try to make sure of its authenticity. A beautiful manicure will give you a great mood and will revive the winter days with its accuracy and brightness.

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