How to use mask with gelatin and activated carbon for blackheads

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The moment of application of gelatin mask-film can be turned into a small pleasant spa-procedure. The skin will shine with gratitude for the pleasant 30 minutes given to her.

First of all, you need to collect hair in the tail and use a hair bandage to completely exclude their contact with the mask of gelatin and activated carbon. If the mask hits your hair, you’ll have to wash your hair.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the mask, it is necessary to provide its ingredients with the maximum penetration into the pores. To do this, take a steam bath for 10 minutes. For this, the collection of useful herbs is perfect. In addition, that the face will decay well, and the pores will open wide, the skin will be still slightly absorbed by useful pairs.

A mask with gelatin and activated charcoal is applied to the carefully steamed skin of the face. It is done by smooth movements from below-upwards. After the first layer is applied, it is immediately possible to start repetition, starting from the same place and in the same direction. Most of all, the T-zone of the face is subject to contamination: the chin, nose, and forehead. But if you want, you can apply the mask not only to this area but to the whole face. After all, blackheads often hide and on the cheeks, then turning into an acne that hardly passes, leaving behind dark patches or even scars. When applying the mask, it is important to avoid it falling on the eyebrows. Frozen, it turns into a dense elastic film, which is able to tear out the hairs of the eyebrows. It is also best to avoid the area around the eyes. The skin here is very delicate, and a strong gelatin mask removes it and, possibly. You should check the face mask reviews  here.

After the mask is applied to the face, it is best to lie down, relax and wait for it to dry completely. In the supine position on the back, the mask will make a striking effect on the skin of the face. After that, the skin will become noticeably tightened, and fine wrinkles will disappear. In addition, a relaxed state will allow all useful substances to penetrate deeper into the pores. Activated charcoal will clean out of them greasy dirty plugs, and gelatin and milk will be enriched with protein and collagen.

During the drying of the mask, the face should be completely relaxed. Talking or playing facial expressions is unacceptable. This will disrupt the tight fit of the mask, but it is important that it completely covers the skin and immersed all the dirt from the very depth of the pores.

Remove the mask with gelatin and activated charcoal from blackheads in the same direction in which it was applied, namely from below-up. It is done by smooth but sure movements. Right now, all blackheads, all the plugs from sebum, dead particles and dust leave the pores.

After removing the mask-film, it is recommended to apply a nourishing cream on the skin, suitable for its type and age. It is necessary to nourish the skin, since, even with its very slight drying, it begins to “take care” of itself, producing more sebum.

Clear the face of blackheads with this mask is enough once a week. With an excessive fat content of the face, the procedure is permissible to repeat twice a week. Also after the 6-week course, follow the skin condition of the face. After all, if, with its normal type, blackheads start to overpower after a few months, then with increased fat content the face will become contaminated after a month.

Mask-film with gelatin and activated charcoal will give the face a healthy radiant look. Of course, there are many masks that can be purchased at pharmacies and beauty shops. But it’s fair to say that during the preparation of a home cleansing mask, you can be sure of the benefits and dosage of its constituent components. Only the home mask contains natural useful ingredients. Store analogs are full of synthetics. Even collagen in professional masks is such a large particle that they are not able to penetrate into the pores for the most part. In turn, gelatin consists of split particles, which easily penetrate into the interior of the pores.

Mask with gelatin and activated charcoal is the best way to get rid of blackheads. Keep reading

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