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Practical ideas for your hair if you notice that your hair does not look good, is dry, it breaks easily, it is difficult to shape, not volume … It’s time to act quickly, here are a few tips and practical steps to better the appearance of your hair quickly.

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If you want a hair to look healthier and a nice way to quickly follow these steps

Controls the amount of shampoo

Sometimes Sobre lava Mos hair without any need. If it is a daily use shampoo nothing happens to you use it every day and more if you are a person with the fat trend, with very fine hair or you exercise every day. What must control the amount of shampoo you apply you do not need to use large amounts but an amount equivalent to a nut hand is more than enough, apply massaging the scalp.

So that the hair is shiny you should rinse with cold or warm water at least.

Also, note the type of shampoo you’re using. If there is one suitable for extreme hydration and repair will help you to break less but beware of those shampoos containing sulfates because they dry hair and if you are someone that you dye very often this is not advisable.


When your problem is a lack of hydration, you have a very dry hair dryer, tint, pollution, the sun or any other factor, which will act quickly is a mask.

Detects your problem and search for the proper mask whether it is restorative, as volumizing, strengthening hair or to mark the curls. And yes, they apply only half points, never at the root.

Ends with split ends

The first step in transforming the hair is mistreated remove all the tips. If you take good care, you do not have to cut every three months, ask your hairdresser to cut you some tips to clean. There is no products feed once they are open also this will prevent opening the tips are followed.

Exfoliates with sugar

A good homemade sugar scrub is ideal for clean hair. You can prepare at home, here is the recipe:


2 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons oatmeal

2 tablespoons conditioner

You must meze claro everything in a bowl and apply the mixture on dry hair with circular movements, then wash it as you always do.

This scrub is moisturizing, gently exfoliates the scalp, stimulates circulation of hair follicles which combats hair loss, helps remove dead cells, regulates excess sebum and brightens.



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