How to Make a Retro Hairstyle for Your Daughter

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Today, how to make a retro hairstyle, they say on every corner: on television, in magazines. And it’s not surprising, because now such styling is at the peak of popularity. Fashionable, elegant, feminine, they certainly like any teenager.

Tips for make retro hairstyle

Hollywood wavesHow to Make a Retro Hairstyle for Your Daughter?

This is the favorite installation of the famous Marilyn Monroe. In order to make such a hairstyle, you need to apply a small amount of modeling agent on clean and slightly damp hair. Slightly lifting the strands at the roots, dry the hair with a hairdryer. Collect the upper part of the curls in the bundle. Lateral strands with a curling screw in smooth waves. Do the same with the hair on the vertex. Having made an oblique parting, turn curls one way. Scrunch your hair with a varnish.

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Romantic ringletsHow to Make a Retro Hairstyle for Your Daughter?

Surely many would like to know how to make a retro-style hairstyle, spending a minimum of time on it. It is to this style that you can include romantic locks of the 70’s. It can be done with long or medium hair. Twist the hair on curlers midi. Sprinkle them with a spray for shine and blow dry. Lightly brush the curls on the back of the head and, with a little lift, fix with the studs. Rest the rest of your hair on your own. But remember – no chaos! Everything should be externally smooth, hair to the hair.

Seashell LayoutHow to Make a Retro Hairstyle for Your Daughter?

If you want to make an elegant retro hairstyle in the style of the 90’s, then “Shell”, this is what you need. To create it, you need a small roller that can be purchased in almost any store. Apply a small amount of mousse to your hair. Comb them, take a shock and raise it up, fix it with a clamp. Attach a slightly bent roller to your hair, and gently stroke the hair around it. Secure the structure with hairpins or hairpins.

Vintage “Barbette”How to Make a Retro Hairstyle for Your Daughter?

“Barbette” was popular in the 60’s. She was very fond of Brigitte Bardot. This hairstyle looks very impressive and does not take much time. Collect the hair in a high ponytail, fixed with a hard rubber band. For ease, you can release a few coquettish strands. Then, using a thin comb, make a haircut on the entire length of the tail. The resulting shock is wound along the rubber bands. To hide the fleece, smooth the hair with a soft comb. Strengthen the structure with invisible and varnish.

Curls in the style of the 40’sHow to Make a Retro Hairstyle for Your Daughter?

To make a retro hairstyle in the style of the 40’s, wind hair curl so that the curls took the form of well-formed rollers or horns. They should look like they forgot to pull the curlers out of them. The emphasis should be on the front hair. At the final stage, fix the rollers in the nape of the neck or temples with stiletto heels or invisible ones.

Vintage pyramid

Form a high tail on the top of the head. Temporarily remove the central part of the hair, it will be needed later. The remaining strands are divided into 6 parts, each of which must be combed and laid around the rubber band in the form of a neat ring. As fixing accessories use studs and invisible. Now take a previously laid out bunch of hair, and divide it in half. The first part, like the previous stage, breaks into 6 equal strands. Scrub them, smooth and curl the curls on top of the first row of curls. The remaining bundle is divided into three strands, which in the same way wrap over the second row of the mini-pyramid. Ready hair should be fixed with a strong lacquer.

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