How To Grow A Flower A Night Beauty In The Open Ground

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Often in gardens, both beginners, and more experienced summer residents, you can see a plant called Night Beauty. This very beautiful plant is very well established in the suburban areas and does not require much effort in planting and care.

Varieties and varieties

The second name of the plant is Mirabilis. So, let’s examine what sorts of mirabilis exist and which of them should be planted for you in the presence of certain conditions.How To Grow A Flower A Night Beauty In The Open Ground

  • Bushes of the night beauty of this variety often reach an increase of about 50 cm. Despite their small growth, the bushes have thick stems, so this sort is especially suitable if there are often strong winds in your region. The flowers have a bright color and stripes throughout the bud. The bush blooms from the middle of June until the end of autumn until the first frosts.
  • A red lollipop. This bush of the night beauty is more impressive in its size and can reach a height of almost 1 meter. Have smooth stems that branch from above. The flowers of the red candy according to the name are bright red and quite large – their diameter is 6 cm.
  • The bush is of small height with lush leaves of a dark green hue. The flowers are bright, have no specific color and reach a maximum of 3.5 cm in diameter.

Looking at the above characteristics and photos, think about what kind of plant you are most suitable for. It is worth noting that in planting and care they are all the same.

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Growing flowers for seedlings

You can plant mirabilis in several ways. Consider the first of these, when the seeds are first planted in pots. It is best to use this way of planting until mid-April. Before planting seeds in the ground, their hard shell must be slightly damaged by punching, then place the seeds in a container holding heat, with water and leave for 24 hours. This manipulation will help increase the likelihood of seed germination.How To Grow A Flower A Night Beauty In The Open Ground

Pots, in which the seeds will first be found, should be filled with the following composition:

  • sod land;
  • rotten marsh plants;
  • hummus (can be replaced with compost);
  • clean sand;
  • Wood ash – o, 5 cups per 5 liters of soil, or dolomite flour – 2 tablespoons per 5 liters of soil.

Mix all the ingredients well together and fill them with pots more than half. It will be very good if already packaged soil you will pour a solution of fungicide. Seeds are planted based on the proportion of 2 seeds per 1 small cup for the seedling. Then they are sprinkled with earth and sprinkled with water.How To Grow A Flower A Night Beauty In The Open Ground

Contain seedlings is at a temperature of not less than 20 degrees, then after 6 days, you will see the first shoots. At this time, the seedlings need the maximum amount of light.

When you see the first large leaf on the sprout, cut the smaller one, which is closest to the ground, so that it does not interfere with the first to grow.

When the mirabilis reaches a height of 16 cm, feed it with mineral fertilizers. At the same time, you can begin to accustom the night beauty to external climatic factors. To do this, take out the seedlings on the street or put it under the open window for 2 weeks, each day increasing the time in a natural environment.How To Grow A Flower A Night Beauty In The Open Ground

Transplanting sprouts in the open ground

Plant mirabilis is in late spring when the soil has finally warmed up. Approximately at this time, they reach a size of 15 cm. Here are some tips for choosing a place for planting a night beauty.How To Grow A Flower A Night Beauty In The Open Ground

  • Plant flowers on a site that is well illuminated by the sun. Mirabilis loved it.
  • The ideal soil for the night beauty is clay or loam with a small amount of lime.
  • Too humid soils are enemies of the night beauty since the plant does not like a lot of moisture.
  • Transplant mirabilis in the holes is along with the soil, which was in the pot. Therefore, take care that the wells are fairly deep.
  • Two hours before landing in the open ground, the flowers are watered to make them easier to remove from the pots.

At the end of all the planting works again abundantly pour night beauty.How To Grow A Flower A Night Beauty In The Open Ground

Cultivation of mirabilis from seeds in open ground

Planting and caring for the flower of the night beauty will take less time if they are planted immediately in the open air, as shown in the photo. For this, you need to perform a few simple steps.

  • Prepare the seeds for planting with sandpaper and thermos. In detail about how to do this, we described in the paragraph on growing a night beauty on seedlings.
  • At the end of April, make furrows for seeds up to 3 cm deep.
  • Plant the prepared seeds in furrows for several in one place. The distance between groups of seeds should be more than 40 cm.
  • Slightly fill with earth and pour the planting with warm water.
  • Until the shoots appear, the planting sites are covered with a non-woven material (film). If you are already in the region at this time is already quite warm weather without nocturnal frosts, then this step can be omitted.

How To Grow A Flower A Night Beauty In The Open GroundCare of the night beauty

Caring for a flower night beauty, like landing, has its own nuances. But the result is worth it – just look at the photo and see for yourself. The main point is copious watering. During the drought, the mirabilis should be watered with a large amount of water up to 3 times a week.

If the summer turned out to be rainy, then the need to water the mirabilis is completely eliminated. The soil around the flower should be periodically loosened and remove the weeds. It is most convenient to do this after watering.

Several times in a season, the mirabilis needs to be fed. As a fertilizer, you can use compost or humus. But fresh organic fertilizers, on the contrary, are not recommended. The night beauty loves mineral fertilizers with a small percentage of nitrogen.

Signs of diseases and pests

The night beauty is famous for its high resistance to diseases and pests. And practically no pests can be attacked by the mirabilis, and there are only a few of the diseases that are really worth being afraid of the summer residents. To such ailments is the root rot, which arises from too much watering.How To Grow A Flower A Night Beauty In The Open Ground

No matter how sorry, the flower of the night beauty will have to be removed from the earth despite all the efforts invested in planting and caring for it. After all, as beautiful as in the photo, the flower does not exactly grow, but only infects other plants. The soil on the site of growth of the diseased bush for prevention is treated with a solution of fungicide.

Rust and other varieties of spotting can also hit the mirabilis, or rather their leaves. From this fungal disease can be eliminated by cutting off the infected leaves and watering the flowers with the same fungicide solution.

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