Children's Chair for Feeding: Why Wooden

The need for a chair for feeding appears from about the age of six months of the child and up to five or six years, this chair remains an important element of children’s furniture. He will be one of the first items of furniture belonging to the baby. Who should understand that the world around you can and should be equipped? The process of food intake becomes for the child the first stage of development of his social skills and ability to behave in society.

Currently, the industry produces many bright plastic models, with many additional elements and functions. If you care about the health of the child, we recommend using a highchair for feeding on natural wood.Children's Chair for Feeding: Why Wooden

Like other solid wood furniture, this wooden convertible chair combines reliability, beauty, and environmental safety. In such a chair the child can learn another piece of the world around and even try on the tooth, except for breakfast, also the stool rail or the edge of the table, without the risk of getting poisoned.

This element of furniture is very useful; such a chair will appreciate any adult, who at least once tried to feed a small child, holding it on his lap. You will quickly find that you cannot feed the baby since the hands are busy holding it in place. A special highchair will ensure the safety of a small child and will not let him fall or leave the table and help his parents feed his child.

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What to look for when choosing a high chair for feeding

The main requirement for a chair in which the toddler will sit and learn the culture of behavior at the table is safety. This concept is made up of the safety of the material, the absence of harmful emissions and toxic substances (therefore, such furniture must be made of natural wood) and the safety of construction, which excludes the possibility of overturning a highchair or a child falling.Children's Chair for Feeding: Why Wooden

The wooden chair for feeding, as a rule, is a compound structure of two parts:

  • Directly a wooden chair with a soft seat and a backrest, covered with washable material, on the armrests of which is screwed a small table top with straps fixing the baby in the seat.
  • A small table, which is turned to one side and turned into a stable base, on which a chair is placed on top.

The precisely calculated arrangement of the slats in the table and the legs of the chair guarantee the reliability of the fixing of the chair at the top of this pyramid. As a result, the baby is at the right height before the dinner table, next to the adults.

Before buying a wooden chair for feeding, it is important to make sure that it is safe for the child:

  • The design must be firm and stable in assembled position;
  • Wooden parts should be carefully ground, without chipping or chipping;
  • All the edges of the chair and the table are rounded;
  • Both elements should not be painted or anything else processed, just a natural tree.

It should be noted that the wooden stool-transformer will serve your baby for a very long time. At first, the child will sit on his throne along with his parents at the table, and when he grows up, he’ll take off his chair, the table will turn and a workplace for drawing or playing will turn out.Chair for Feeding

Thus, the wooden chair will serve both for feeding the child and, after an instantaneous transformation, for his creativity. Children’s furniture, made of natural beech or pine, is safe for the health of a small owner, much stronger, durable and beautiful than plastic structures. Such a chair and table will be the first personal space that can control a child who has just learned to sit.

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