A classic floor with contemporary look

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This house of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona reinterprets its past, creating spaces rabidly current, connected with each other, but also with the spirit of the place to which they belong.

Architects YLAB this project has the capacity to love both the supporters of a classic style and those who prefer a contemporary and modern aesthetic. The key ?, “the reinterpretation of the existing spatial structure of different rooms with different environments, redefining uses and assigned functions and creating new spatial and visual connections without the traditional elements resulting predominant. It aims to create a quiet environment, which makes the intimacy and work of its owner, a young person, but at the same time, a meeting place for meals and parties, “they point out from the studio.
A classic floor with contemporary look
A classic floor with contemporary look

A charming past

Located in the heart of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, this property listed (protected for their historical and artistic values), it has the charm of the place in which it is located. Open, luminous, without complexes and with several personalities, in her, everything is possible. In order not to lose its history, original elements, such as traditional Catalan ceilings with wooden beams and arches of vault (tremendously beautiful) or the exterior carpentries with wooden shutters are maintained.


The living room acts as the ‘heart’ of the house

With 130 square meters, two different areas are established (one open and social and one private).However, the pavement of continuous cement walls and new woodworks, all in white ivory, are common elements throughout the house, which also enhance the flow of light, serve as a thread through The different environments. The living room becomes the nerve center as it links the different rooms. To meet the different needs and times, it is conceived as a ‘framework’ perfect target, where the -modular and exempt – furniture can be configured as required. In order to achieve this ‘framework’, the existing walls are rectified, the voids of passage with upper arches are recovered, according to the original symmetry, and the exterior carpentries are remodeled, without losing its original essence.

A classic floor with contemporary look
A classic floor with contemporary look

The Power of Dare

The kitchen includes influences of the old cafes. Bold, beautiful and full of metallic flashes, shown at the same time, elegant and welcoming. First of all, the ceiling and the wall are painted in wood with solid pine strips dyed, handmade. “This paneling integrates the kitchen columns and auxiliary spaces, thus simplifying the symmetry of space”, indicate from Ylab Arquitectos. The low furniture is made, like the dining table, in metallic bronze panel and has a cover that allows hiding the worktop. Suspension lamps, in gold leaf and Swarovski crystals, provide metallic highlights in contrast to the warmth of the wood.

A classic floor with contemporary look
A classic floor with contemporary look

An oasis of peace

Face with flashes of bronze, bedroom shown simple and introverted, fulfilling its role of private area and rest. Despite its dimensions, the flat has a unique bathroom. “So that it could be part of both the bedroom and the public area, the doors were defined so that they could act as a distributor axis,” they comment from the studio.

The bathroom stands undoubtedly as a relaxation area. Intimate and sensual, it faces the landscaped inner courtyard. The walls are entirely paneled in high gloss phenolic board, hiding the storage and an indirect perimetral lighting of programmable leds.

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