Making Sure that your Home Office is Secure

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Paying attention to your office security is really important. As well as the fact that an office contains valuable items like computers, printers and photocopiers, it also contains confidential data, which makes an office a particularly attractive proposition for burglars.

Many of us who work from home are at risk of being the target of thieves, and when working form home, you need to do all you can to ensure that your home office is secure.

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If you have confidential information stored on devices like computers and laptops it should all be password protected to stop it from being accessed. You also need to store paperwork safely – a locked filing cabinet is a suitable way to store confidential paperwork.

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If you have confidential information to get rid of that is no longer needed, don’t just put it in the rubbish or recycling bin with the rest of your household waste. Go to somewhere like this confidential paper shredding Birmingham based company who will be able to ensure that it is destroyed properly and doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Your home office should be lockable, and you should lock it whenever you are not using it. If you work in a garden room, this is particularly important, as it is easier for a burglar to gain access to a building that is outside without being seen, so make sure that you have good security systems out there for this reason.

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