Which Flat Screen TV Wall Mounts Work Best For Your Home?

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Flat-screen TV wall mounts come in a variety of different styles, each of which will provide a different function depending on your need. Common types include flat, tilting, tilt & swivel, and cantilever wall mounts.

Flat mounts are the simplest and probably the least expensive of the flat screen wall mounts that are most popular. They tend to be very secure. You won’t have to worry about your beautiful new TV crashing to the ground. Ideally, you would want to shop around for a wall bracket with a very thin profile that will enable you to mount your television flush to the wall. This option is the ultimate in space-saving convenience. It’s also quite attractive aesthetics-wise and makes your screen look like a dynamic picture frame.

Tilting flat panel tv mounts give you a little bit more flexibility than flat mounts. It basically has the same advantages of a flat mount, since you can adjust it so that your TV is flat against the wall, or you can adjust the tilt angle as well. Tilting mounts are however, a bit thicker than pure flat mounts, so your TV will have some space behind it. Typically, you can adjust the tilt angle up to around 15°. This can come in handy if you prefer your flat screen mounted higher up on the wall in relation to the viewing area. Also, the ability to adjust the screen angle may help to eliminate any glare caused by light coming from a window.

The tilt & swivel wall mount adds even more flexibility. These types of flat-screen TV mounts allow you to pivot the screen from left to right, as well as tilting the angle up-and-down, which gives you the ability to watch your TV from our lot of different seating positions. Again, this type of wall mount will create a bigger space between your television and the wall, but you may prefer having the flexibility of movement. Usually, this type of mount is used for smaller LCD or plasma TVs, perhaps up to 32 inches in size.

Cantilever mounts provide the most flexibility for positioning your flat panel TV. These brackets allow you to swing your TV away from the wall on an articulating arm. This allows you to move your whole television to different left and right positions. In addition, cantilever mounts also tilt up-and-down, as well as pivot left and right. You can adjust the viewing angle of your TV to practically any desired position. You even have the ability to swing the TV around so that you can position the viewing angle so that it can be seen in two different, adjacent rooms. Very handy indeed.

These plasma TV wall mounts represent the most common types available. The decision on which one to ultimately buy really depends upon the functionality required. This is usually mandated by the style and size of your viewing room. Whichever one you do choose, will greatly enhance your TV viewing experience.

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