How to Choose a Dog Bed?

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The bed we choose for our pet can mark your behavior much more than you can imagine. In this article, you will discover that the size, material, and handling of the bed are factors to take into account.

Sleeping is not only a pleasure for humans; dogs also have this need turned into the passion. They want us to have the maximum rest possible and that is only achieved by providing the right bed.

However, it is possible that we are a sea of doubts when buying one. Are all beds the same? Will it look the way they do? Which material is the most appropriate? Read on to answer all of these questions.

Tips for choosing a bed for your dog

We may fall into the error of downplaying the choice of bed for our faithful companion. However, it is a decision that will mark the behavior and comfort of your pet throughout his life. Therefore, it is important to guess and meditate on the choice of bed. Here are the recommendations and tips you should follow to make this possible.

Shape the size of the bed to the dog

Obviously, but on several occasions, the owners do not meet this requirement. Our pet must be comfortable in its bed, seeing it as an appetizing resting place. There is no better way to achieve this than adapting the size of the bed to the can. The dog’s trunk, head, and extremities should remain within it.

You should know that a bed inferior to the dog will allow the feeling of discomfort in the dog, while a larger bed will not provide the security and warmth that every dog demands.

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The size of the dog should be measured when he is sleeping. In this way, the bed will adapt to the posture of the can. In the case that your pet sleeps in different postures, we should always have as a reference the one in which it is more stretched – since it occupies more space and the bed will not stay small.

Seek maximum comfort

It is one of the elements that must be looked for when we go to select the bed of our can. The huge variety of models complicates the choice but gives us a unique range of possibilities.

Mattresses, cushions, foam linings, wicker baskets, shaped boxes and even sophisticated sofas dominate the sales of this sector. With all these elements and beds, it is not surprising that dogs dream pleasant things. If you want to know everything about the dream of dogs, here we leave you a very interesting article about it.

Easy cleaning

Apart from pursuing the calmness of our faithful companion, we also want the canine resting area to be easily washable. The components of the bed often get soiled, so we should always ask our salesperson if the bed material we want fights well this fact.

In these cases, it is recommended that the mattresses of the dogs be impermeable so that they can be extracted in an easy way for washing.

Insulating materials

An important factor to consider is the material with which the beds are made. This composition will mark the comfort and well-being of your pet. A suitable bed for your pet is that which prevents it from coming into contact with the cold of the floor.

In this section, it is necessary to take into account the season of the year in which we are. In winter, a cushioned bed with edges and composed of materials such as plush is recommended. On the other hand, in summer, the most comfortable for the dog is to have a mattress or cooling mats.

Bed for puppies

When we have one or more puppies in our house, several questions come to mind: Do they need a bed? Does it make sense for me to buy a bed that will cost me for a short period of time? The answer is yes to both questions.

The fact that our dog has a resting place adapted to his size from his birth is a factor that, apart from making him see that his space is different from the owner, will allow him to feel safe. The beds that are more recommended in their first months of life are those that have supports to the sides; in this way, the can have a greater sense of protection.

Despite this, it is still a complex decision, since many people can not afford to buy a bed for their pet every few months. In these cases, a frequent decision is to buy a bigger bed – that can serve in the future to the can – and fill it with cushions while the dog is a puppy. Although many people do, it is not recommended.

Why is it important to choose a dog bed?

Once we know the main tips for selecting a bed for your pet, it is convenient to know the reasons why it is important to have a bed shaped to the needs of our dog. Read the many advantages that we offer you below.

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Quiet and undisturbed site

The bed becomes a true point of tranquility and calm that the dog can not find elsewhere in the house. In addition, it can become a leisure area in which the can play with various toys.

Sensation of protection and safety

If the bed brings so much comfort and tranquility to our pet that is because it feels safe and protected in it. For this to happen in our pet, it is necessary to choose the appropriate bed following the above recommendations.

 Distinguish spaces

A fundamental point of granting the dog a bed is to separate spaces between the dog and the owner. It is very common for certain pets to climb onto the sofa or beds without the consent of their caregiver. This happens because the owners have not been able to distinguish the spaces well. With the purchase of a bed and a correct education, our dog will not invade our space without our permission.

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