Stamping Out Money Laundering Globally

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Money Laundering is a problem that has refused to go away. Something that typically used to take place in casinos has now got a new lease of life as the Internet has provided criminals with many more ways in which to launder their dirty money.

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The reason that money laundering is a problem is twofold – firstly it causes businesses and governments to lose a lot of money in various ways and secondly it is funding criminal activities including importation of drugs and weapons as well as human rights abuse is search as prostitution on people smuggling.

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This is why it’s so important that countries are working together around the world in order to stop it. With the Internet in particular providing criminal gangs the access to each other across borders this is more important than ever that all countries cooperate when it comes to stopping it.

Checks like this AML ID verification from W2 Global Data have been introduced in the UK and in other countries that help many of the places targeted by money launderers to prevent this from happening. As well as this more money is being invested into cyber security in order to try to catch the criminals behind it.

It is also important for the public to notify the police if they are suspicious of somebody who might be involved in money laundering. Some things that you might want to look out for include unexplained wealth beyond the lifestyle the person’s lives and suspicious activities going on.

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