Which Are the Best Dressmaking Fabrics for Summer?

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The first signs of spring are emerging, as buds swell on trees and snowdrops and crocuses push their heads through the earth. That can mean only one thing – it’s time to start sewing for your summer wardrobe!

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Although the British summertime can be changeable, using the right fabrics will make all the difference to what you create. Here’s our rundown of the best dressmaking fabric for warmer weather.


A natural fibre, cotton is perhaps the first fabric we think of when warmer weather approaches. Easy to care for and breathable, cotton wears well. It’s also one of the simplest fabrics to sew with, so is suitable for any level of skill.


The beauty of linen is in its weight. Its natural stiffness makes it a great choice for more tailored pieces. Although natural linen looks great, it also comes dyed in a range of shades. For example, view the selection available here: http://www.quality-fabrics.co.uk/dressmaking-fabrics-14-c.asp.

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The first man-made fabric in this list, Rayon is known as the artificial fibre with the properties of natural ones. A popular choice for summer outfits, Rayon wears well and is a great choice if you’re looking for fabric with vivid colour and sheen.


A delicate and beautifully drapy natural fabric, silk is the perfect choice for a special occasion dress. Although it isn’t as simple to sew, the natural sheen and lightness of the fabric can be used to great effect, such as in this evening dress recently warn by the Duchess of Cambridge: https://www.harpersbazaar.com/celebrity/red-carpet-dresses/a15926702/kate-middleton-gold-dress-sweden-dinner/.


Also known as crepe, Georgette is a great way to add a floaty layer to special summer designs. Originally made from silk, modern Georgette is now woven from tangled artificial fibres. Whether used as an accent or for the complete piece, Georgette adds movement to a dress.


If you’re looking for something with a more modern feel, then jersey is the way to go. Lightweight jersey fabrics work well for patterns that need some stretch, allowing you to create a summer dress that will cling to curves.


If you want the look of denim without the thickness, then choose chambray. Perfect for summer weighted denim look skirts and shirts, Chambray will keep you cool in both senses of the word.

Enjoy your summer dressmaking – there is so much choice available.

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