Your home is your sanctuary—a place where you can unwind and de-stress after a long day of challenges in work or school. With that said, most homes’ interior decors are dull and factory-made, like blank white ceilings and beige walls. Sure, those are the basics, but you should imbue your space with colors that match your unique persona. Read on for a few tips on adding random pops of color to your interior home designs.

Cushions, Pillows, and All Things Comfy

Couches should be the focal point of your living room—comfy ones at that. With that said, make sure your focus is decked out with plump cushions, plush pillows, and maybe a thick blanket or two. Don your favorite color pairs, like blue and red on a black leather couch, or gold and turquoise on your suede sectional.

A Vase Full of Your Favorite Flowers

Flowers are nature’s way of decorating the world. Take a hint from nature and invest in a bouquet of your favorite, fresh flowers for a dining room vase each week. Or, use silk flowers that resemble real blossoms. The latter keeps flowers in nature while bringing a burst of beautiful color to your home décor.

DIY Your Own Framed Paint Splatter Artworks

There is something intriguing and pretty about splatter artworks, especially when you use your favorite colors to make them yourself. So, what you are favorite colors? Lovin’ autumnal reds, yellows, and oranges? Or, do you prefer darker tones, like purple, green, and grey? Use brushes, wheels, fingertips—whatever you have on hand, to make your own artworks. Then frame them and hang them to remind yourself that you are creative, unique, and totally cool.

Use White Board Paint with Vibrant, Erase-able Paint Markers

From groceries lists to calendars of events, doctor appointments, and family dinners, there seems to be something new to write down and remember every day. You can color it up and make it a bit more memorable by replacing your pen and paper with a kitchen-situated whiteboard. Buy one, or make your own with whiteboard paint, then use vibrant, wipe-away paint markers to make your lists.

The aforementioned pops of color are guaranteed to give your home décor a vibrant boost that matches the uniqueness of your quirks. On that note, colors aside, you should strive to fill your home with designs that symbolize and represent your fantastic personality. If you ever feel lost with your interior designs, invest in help and advice from home renovation contractors because they do this kind of stuff for a living.