The Three Main Things to Think about for Living Room Décor

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A living room is a place where you can sit and unwind, spend time together as a family and entertain guests. It is a room that is normally the main room of the home for spending time watching television too, and when you are considering the furnishings of the living room, here are the three most important things to bear in mind…

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Sofa and Chairs

Seating in a living room is important, and comfort is the main thing that people want from their seating in the living room. As well as this you also need to consider your lifestyle – for example, if you have young children or pets, you will want a material that is easy to clean.

The size and shape of the room is also important, as is the style and colour of the furniture.


The curtains in the living room play many roles. As well as being a big part of your living room décor, they also need to be practical. Blocking out light when you are watching a film, giving you privacy from people looking in and keeping the room warm are all other requirements that you may have from your living room curtains.

Getting them made by a professional like this curtain makers Kensington based company will give you the best results rather than buying ready-made curtains.

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Coffee Table

A coffee table is another important feature of your living room and they come in many shapes and styles, from ultra-modern to rustic. If space is tight, you can also get coffee tables that come equipped with extra storage too.

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