3 more reasons to invest in corporate entertaining

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Would you believe that corporate entertaining can make or break a business? Here’s why!

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You’ll get more than you give

Clients love to be treated well. Whether you’re trying to make a good first impression or just saying thank you for a client’s business, you’re sure to get more out of it than you put in. Just one VIP entertainment package can lead to another 12 months of business from the clients that attend. Is it really worth risking losing those clients to a competitor just to avoid spending money on VIP packages?

Fantastic networking

Organising a VIP day, like a suite at Ermanno Palace for the Grand Prix, doesn’t just have to be about one particular client. It’s a great opportunity to get clients networking with each other and for you to learn about any opportunities that present themselves for your business. Many business owners find that they become close friends with their clients, which makes it easier to predict what kind of business offers to make in the future.

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Entertaining staff

Your clients aren’t the only ones who like the idea of VIP hospitality packages. Most members of staff would love to enjoy some of the perks of being a client. Talented and loyal staff are hard to come by, so it’s important for businesses to do what they can to keep them. Allowing staff members to enjoy some of the same packages as a client is an excellent way to reward them for their hard work. Find a few more ideas for rewarding your staff at the Balance.

The great thing about arranging hospitality for your clients is that there is something to suit everyone. Perhaps your clients would enjoy a day of golfing or spa treatments and lunch at a five-star hotel. If you’ve got a sporting enthusiast on your books, you can arrange a Grand Prix day at https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-hospitality/.

The most important thing to remember is to never take your clients for granted and show them how appreciative you are of their business. When you drop the ball and only provide the basics, your competitor will only need to make a phone call to ensure you’ve got one fewer client. Using hospitality packages is a great way to have peace of mind that your clients are happy.

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