How to ship a parcel to the USA

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With good preparation, shipping to America can be a simple process. All it takes is some pre-shipping consideration to ensure your parcel arrives in the USA safe and hassle-free. Her,e we review some of the things to consider when shipping to the USA.

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There are comprehensive guides available online, covering the A to Z of sending parcels, but here we cover the five main things to consider when sending parcels to the USA. Some of these are, in fact, applicable when sending a parcel nationwide or abroad or when using a courier.

USA Customs

All items and parcels that pass through US customs have to be cleared and you do this by obtaining a Customs Invoice with your parcel. On it, the tax and duties payable for sending to the USA will be shown. This form should be completed fully and include accurate descriptions. US customs officials are renowned for their diligence.

If the parcel is worth over $2,500 dollars, it will go through what is known as formal clearance and this may take longer. Tremayne Distributions (, a specialist courier offering services ranging from next day delivery to a man and van in Reading, recommends seeking expert advice if you are unsure about the customs process.

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Restricted items

There are limitations on what can be allowed into the USA. In fact, any courier is prohibited from shipping the following items: aerosols, furs, ivory, fresh food, cash and animals. Bear in mind that this is not an exhaustive list and you should check to ensure your parcel is permitted to be carried by any courier, let alone sent to the USA.

Electronics in the USA

If you are sending electronics to America, then you will need to complete an additional clearance form. This should be fully completed and be kept with the customs invoice for the parcel.


There are very strict regulations on sending food and you should ensure that your food item satisfies all these conditions. Food being sent to the USA is regulated by the FDA.


Strong packaging is vitally important, to ensure your item reaches its destination safely, especially if you are sending fragile items overseas.

You can use a double corrugated cardboard box or even triple corrugated for extra fragile items.

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