The Rise of ‘Clean’ Beauty

Beauty products are ever changing, with new must have products appearing all the time. One thing that most of these products lack, however, is the use of all natural ingredients. These ethically sourced products are fast becoming a new trend with a variety of well-known brands jumping on the bandwagon. So what can they do for you?

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Gaining Popularity

It was recently estimated that the natural cosmetics market in the U.K is worth around £54 million. Celebrity endorsements and the rise in health conscious lifestyles have helped natural products become more popular and have ensured that more and more brands are frantically creating products to suit this growing market.

A Big Improvement

Using organic products is not a new thing. Some shunned synthetics way before it was cool, however with this new surge, the range and look of these products has dramatically improved. You can now buy beauty products which have an elegant and stylish design, a far cry from the stuffy hemp packages from years ago. Most of the organic products are stored in recycled packaging which gives them an all-round natural vibe.

Why the Change?

In recent years, the concern for our lifestyles to follow a much more natural route has increased. More people worry about where their food is sourced, so why should it be any different for their beauty products? Research has shown that chemical free products can be just as effective as those with synthetic ingredients, and when put side by side, who would really choose using chemicals over natural elements. For a long time, water based products have been recommended to help combat irritable skin, so finally getting these all natural products on the market seems like a long time coming.

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The Increase in Products

Most brands will have a selection of natural products available due to the high demand for organic ingredients. Products such as Vichy Normaderm Anti-Blemish Hydrating Care, which can be found at, are one of many products included in an all-natural range, a category which is becoming increasingly common.

For those who already practice clean eating, the popularity of clean beauty will come as no surprise. Using safe and sustainable products which are ethically sourced is not only good for the environment we live in, it is great for our skin too.

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